“First Love” by Paris Salmon-Wright

Paris Salmon-Wright is currently in her third year at Ryerson University. This is her first time sharing her writing with the world. She is using this poem for a final assignment about emotional abuse. First Love Her lips were soft I tingled at the thought Of her hand grazing mine A sweet serenity We were… Continue reading “First Love” by Paris Salmon-Wright


Sonnet in Infinitives by Yuan Changming

Take pleasure in Yuan Changming's artful and eloquent work.  Sonnet in Infinitives To be                  a matter when there’s no question Or not to be      a question when nothing really matters              To sing                with… Continue reading Sonnet in Infinitives by Yuan Changming

There’s Nothing Dangerous About “Dangerous Woman”

A Feminist Analysis of Popular Music Videos à la Butler and Mulvey Jessica Suljic & Liran Yefet It seems popular culture has no problem reinforcing stereotypical gender norms, often under the guise of “progressiveness”. Judith Butler, a gender theorist, argues that bodily movements and gestures enacts gender and comprise a "gendered self". In other words,… Continue reading There’s Nothing Dangerous About “Dangerous Woman”

This poem by Kayla Walden about secret and unrequited love is all too relatable.

Your Name Your name floats around in my head all day Grasping hold of my mind and clouding my brain It keeps whispering, whispering, then shouting your name Then my heart starts to ache as love pumps through my veins Nowhere for this love to go Trying not to let my feelings show My soul… Continue reading This poem by Kayla Walden about secret and unrequited love is all too relatable.