New Retro Music: Freeweights’ “Close Call”

On February 17, 2017, Helsinki’s synth pop band, Freeweights, released their new song titled Close Call.

This 2012 quintet is recognised for their distinguishable 80’s new wave revival, with their nostalgic electronic harmonies, and cheesy positive lyrics.


     close call

      I’ve been driving too fast tonight

      I’ve been driving too fast

      for your love

      always out there in the night

      it’s a close call

The song’s style brings our parents back to a time of neon lights, Vaporwave fonts, relationship-driven lyrics, and Ferrari Testarossas.

Pet Shop Boys’ 1984 Single (with its Micro-Gamma font).

If you’re interested in traveling back in time – but don’t have a DeLorean time machine –

Check out more of their amazing music!

Band’s Official Site:



Exhibition Opening: The Broadbent Sisters

On February 3rd, 2017, Katzman Contemporary opened its doors to the Broadbent Sister’s most recent exhibition Nowhere, Now Here: The Fourth Technology of Magic.


Known for their performance pieces in their Clearing Spaces series, the Broadbent Sisters have returned to their meditative pen drawing practice for this next exhibition.


The exhibition combines their newest pen drawings and a video installation, along with wallpaper from their wall paper line (Available for purchase at the Drake General Store).


While you are there: try this neat trick (suggested by the artist).

Go to your phones settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert colours

With this slight change, you can witness the art in a new light. The Broadbent Sister’s work in the Nowhere, Now Here: The Fourth Technology of Magic exhibition features pieces predominantly in the colours blue and yellow. With the “inverted colours” you can see the artwork in its opposite form.


Check out this incredible exhibit before its over on march 1st!


Dayna Lang


A bite of time,

like the small of a back.

A time changing line

and a shattering crack.

Five years of a life –

fifty five long.

The joy like a knife,

that cut slightly wrong.

In five short years

you brought two daughters in;

you wrapped them in tears

and you taught them to swim.


Matt Glavin


Its been 3 hours and I still haven’t lit my cigarette. 3 hours at my desk and no smoking. 3 hours at my desk of uninterrupted, unadulterated, uncensored and unsweetened stream of consciousness. How pleasant.

I cant imagine how pleasant it’d be if you were here, I’d probably be smoking. Or enjoying myself. I am not to say in these days. These days, I have no say. Speech requires desire.

I realize I have a voice, but it has been strained. I have a will, but it lacks strength. I still have my wits about me. Still. And there, that, is the only problem.

You knocked me over on your way out. I fell from the table by the door I always used to fuck you on back when potentials and possibilities were a short bridge to cross between now and a future gift-wrapped like a present. Like one where it could have been anything we’d dreamed it to be until we opened it. Now that stream floods me like an ocean. I didn’t quite shatter when you knocked me over, but the water inside poured out and I’m soaked. The possibilities and potential are drowning in them now.

I will not pull myself off the cold-soaked floor, however.

I will sit at my desk. She will not light it nor shall I wait for her to. I will light my cigarette. I will take 19 drags. I will ash my cigarette and stamp life out from it.

Her favourite part of Cloud Atlas was always when Robert Frobisher killed himself, he says how suicide is given a bad name by the people who rush it. Suicide isn’t selfish. Suicide isn’t cowardice. A true suicide is a paced, disciplined certainty, he says.

I took my 19th drag, my 38th pull, ashed my cigarette, and for one moment between this and the next, I took my weakened will, lifted my heavy hand to my head, and made it courage.