NEW ZINE ALERT! Time to Regroup is Here

Hello all! We have some great news: we're rolling out our latest zine Time to Regroup! We received a wonderful array of art and writing from the community and compiled it all right here for you to enjoy. That's a wrap for our 2019/2020 year! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and made… Continue reading NEW ZINE ALERT! Time to Regroup is Here

Life by Anne Alajar

Parts of our upcoming zine are coming right out of Anne Alajar's philosophy zine, Life! Phenomenology is the point of interest here, which Alajar defines as a "philosophical approach that concentrates on the mind and the objects of direct experience." Read up on how philosophers like René Descartes, Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, and Michel Henry… Continue reading Life by Anne Alajar

“Various Glass” by Glass Blower Austin Felbs

Thought, materially fabricated by the hands of the glassblower, is not a dissimilar process from the manipulation of words by the poet — only at 1,320 °C. Heating, forming and annealing abstract ideas into concreteness with the patience, unmatched skill and unbound creativity demanded by glasswork, Felbs fuses high-art and high-fashion to handcraft chain-link jewelry that… Continue reading “Various Glass” by Glass Blower Austin Felbs

All I Ask by Bryan Liceralde

Bryan Liceralde is a Political Science, French and Italian student at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. He is also an Associate Opinions Editor for its student newspaper, The Mike and writes about his thought-provoking philosophy on miscellaneous contemporary subjects. He specializes in editorial, fictional and dramatic writing. We hope you enjoy his short story… Continue reading All I Ask by Bryan Liceralde

“With Love, G” A Photo Series by Geraldina Galica

Oh the places you'll go and the people you'll see. Galica replicates the excursionist experience for yearning eyes. Galica envelopes viewers in the warm and intoxicating settings of Toronto, New York, Italy, Paris, and Albania, allowing them to experience, by proxy, conventional places from unique and intimate positions. While only a selected few are here,… Continue reading “With Love, G” A Photo Series by Geraldina Galica