Lyrics to a Feel of University – Nevein Orellana

Uni. it’s so hard and of course we knew this from the start.

Nothing makes sense anymore not even how to close the door.

In case I ever drop out, tell my parents I couldn’t hold out.

Verification I don’t think so; clarification damn right I think so.

Everything in structure so I can’t make up a picture.

Ridged edges still the same, how I have to cut it out to make my name.

Serious business man this aint no joke, but be careful you might choke.

Indepth analysis of what you need to know, asking yourself several times do I really need to know?

THIS! This of claims that I cannot maintain.

YOU! End this on a good note so you can get the money to smile and be happy; which is sad knowing that you have this in order to be so, and sadder to know that you will never know what it’s all about when someone hopes, begs and prays for the better and doubts everyday if it would be a sunnier day. Be thankful for the education and the degree to go to further places where you would love to be.