Memories – Ando Rea

Memories are like dreams,

They come into you when you wake up,

They tease you and slowly flutter away and you never see them again.

Memory is everything,

The essence of life,

They are all emotions at once.

Give me the worst emotions, I tell you.
Think about them, think of the worst emotions ever,
Rage, misery, viciousness,
Now feel that,
Feel it crawl up like a spider behind your neck,
Feel the spider bite into your skin,
Feel it,
Feel its poison consume you,

Feel it.

Now see yourself running out of air,
See your lungs fill up with dreams,
See that because in the next two seconds you won’t be able to see at all.

Those are memories, they are dreams.

Memories are like dreams waving back at you as you’re waking up,
“Bye! Have a nice day at your crappy work!” it says,
And then you realize at this moment the truth,

The truth of your entire life,

And you know now that you’re never going to see it again,
And at this point you’re soulless,

And when you complete waking up, you say,
“huh, I could’ve sworn I dreamt something good but I can’t remember it…

Those are what memories are like.

They’re a bundle of neurons that live in the deprived side of the brain,

You need to give them some help and they will be like every other bundle of neurons,

They just need the right dendrite to connect to.

And like dreams, when you remember one dream, all of a sudden, floods of dreams are hitting you,

A huge monstrous wave,

You’re standing in the sand looking back at it knowing there’s no point to run.

So you stand there looking at it while everyone around you is screaming, running into each other, stepping over each other, attacking each other, fucking each other,

And you’re the only one standing there thinking how beautiful everything is all of a sudden.

That’s how I feel.

That’s how my neurons communicate,

I admit, they’re kind of messed up.