Debunking Your Morning Ritual of Wearing Deoderant – Elyse Mayo

Debunking Your Morning Ritual of Wearing Deodorant

4 Reasons Why Not to Wear Deodorant

1. It will fucking kill you: The key ingredient in anti-perspirants, aluminum, causes neurological damage and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Antiperspirants trap toxins inside your body, damaging sweat glands and lymph nodes, which can lead to breast cancer (if you absoloutely MUST wear something to stop sweat, use dissolved sea salt. It’s cheap & not deadly, win-win).

2. Desexualizes you: We are animals, with pheromones. Scent is sensual; is a nescessary for real carnal experience and pleasure.

3. Promotes the insecurity that drives the aesthetic industry of capitalism: Referring to Point 2, chemicals and Chanel No. 5 are being marketed to us as turn-ons and I suppose we believe it, in the same way that we convince ourselves that McDonalds actually sells “food.” We know models don’t really look like that, and we should know that smelling like ethanol is not really sexy. Marketing does work, and with scent tied to memory, we have been brainwashed into thinking that people are supposed to smell all fruity and sugary. Just weird.

4. Masks your body’s natural health alarm system: Referring to Point 3, people who eat MacDonalds truly smell like shit. Maybe they hide it with deodorant, but if we would let our body express itself then the distinction would be natural. Healthy people smell sexy, and drug-addled junk “food” eating pigs smell like the pigs’ bollocks. One can use their body’s odors to tell when they are sick. Wearing deodorant is like taking painkillers when you only have a headache because you drank too much coffee and just need to sleep.


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