The Ritual of Social Evolution – Elyse Mayo

Dear Apathetics,
It's the perfect time to get the fuck out of line.
the baby boomers are dying,
the dinosaurs are stupefied by all the what-cha'ma-call-its of technology,
they are irrelevant Now. We are quickly becoming the majority.
don't you see? that This is the perfect time?
the Future is begging  Us to command It 

US, The Students, The angry, young and beautiful, The ADHD-equipt-for-the-fast-paced-tomorrow, The always-suspended-and-expelled, not for being stupid but for being too smart, We are not 'problem children,' We are the solution. Now, to tear down what We hate and build something more up-to-date. We've got the chutzpah. We're the second coming of the S.U.P.A.  C.Y.C.le It's tradition, THE RITUAL OF SOCIAL EVOLUTION, those old assholes didn't inherit the earth, they're borrowing it from Us! It's not just a rebellious 'phase,' not just petty 'teen angst' that's just what scared old paleolithic traditionalists and capitalists cling to, that we will shut up when we become more 'mature.' We know better, that they will be the ones who have to shut up when We rise up! 
seriously, what the hell are you doing walking around the mall, wearing brand name garbage (looking like a tool) sitting around in MacDonalds, Tim Hortons; retch. you really like feeding from a fetid pile of the late generation's rotted table scraps? wearing their hand-me-down, retro hipster-esque, dunce hats; looking ironic/moronic 
DIY, learn to sew, to cook, to grow food, to make everything; to recycle, reduce, reuse; to program the computers, to invent the next-big-things, to take over the media, to write the history books, start your own political party, to strike fear into the black hearts of crusty old bureaucrats and politicians, a fear that might teach them to make love again, to love like We love, with passion and vigor, and no goddamn regrets whatever Your politics, get involved in politics. We are the majority; vote! protest! We need to not only push the envelopes, but set the mailboxes on fire. 
how often do You scream at the top of Your lungs? how often do You sing? how often do You dance, androgynous? how often do you feel bored? you should never, ever be bored because We are the hell forsaken avant-vanguard! We will take back the Earth and let it breathe and be beautiful again, We can make more time, by buying less shit; working less, living more; creating, inventing look at The Students in Europe right now, and don't sit still just because it hasn't gotten that bad in Canada, yet. Today Anarchy (look it up, anarchy does not just mean pig fights and destruction), Tomorrow We will make something brand New. neither left, nor right. something multi-dimensional, multi-cultural, alter-mondular, inter-stellar Let's paint the town red, or rainbows!

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