My City, My City, I Miss You So – Nat Brunt

My City, My City, I Miss You So is a selection of photos from a larger series entitled Bosnia: Frozen in Time.  The images in My City, My City, I Miss You So, taken in December 2010 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, document a place in which time has stood more or less still and the damages of a traumatic, unforgettable past merge with stunning natural beauty.

Sarajevo is a crossroads of history, a place where East meets West, and was passed back and forth between great empires.  It was also the site of an event that changed our world: the assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which provided the catalyst for the chain of events leading to World War I.

Today Sarajevo is a place irrevocably scarred by the war of the 1990’s.  During the longest siege of a capital city in modern warfare — four years — it was heavily damaged.

In 2010, buildings destroyed in the war remain unrepaired while inhabitants wait for government aid, graveyards blanket mountainsides, and a population remains mentally and physically wounded.  My City, My City, I Miss You So documents a city of juxtaposition, where beauty and brief glimpses of modernity are pockmarked with the destruction, loss and pain of an inescapable past.

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