LAUNCH PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

Boils and Ghouls! The time of year is upon us! To gallivant and praise the arts and crafts gods in our ceremonial zine launch! To eat cake on paper plates! To press our faces up to the glass of torturously mind blowing comics and stories! You are INVITED!

Remember when your next door neighbour injected rabies into meat pies and killed a flock of Satanist hippies? This party is going to be 10X more epic than that. Why? Because it’s taking place in the holiest of chambers in our sinister city. Trash Palace! An underground cinema untainted by high expectations or irony, this gem of a spot is charming with just the right amount of eeriness and grime. Come and be dazzled by the stomping grounds where forgotten films are screened by day, and by night, well, pussyhounds like you and me get rowdy and act a fool.

But most importantly, this night is going to rock because our yearly issue of The Continuist will be unveiled to naked eyes. Polish up your spectacles and prepare to be amazed.  This one bears special ghostly qualities because our theme, The Ritual, seems to just tickle everyone’s damn fancy. It is also the lucky last that the current editorial team will have the amusement of crafting. (After that, we’re passing the torch down to some alright-looking specimens who reckon their more or less competent.)

Anyway, we’re probably going to chant a little, sacrifice some goats, drink blood, get in touch with higher spiritual forces. Lizard brains! There will be cake, and other holy objects. (Including cheap snacky goodness and cold drinks at a deluxe snack bar.)

Can’t wait to see you then, zombie lovers! We’ll be the ones in invisibility cloaks.


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