a poem by macey marie doodleface cohen

My lover gives me all the grains of sand

That trickle off his tongue

I collect them in my open palms

But the grains fall through the seams

Each grain falling one by one

The sand lands on my knees

My lovers got the devils eyes

A radar for my sins

He sees when I am willing

He knows when I’ll give in

A single grain of lovers sand

Falls upon my tongue

I shut my lips in protest but the

Grain it still falls in

Now my lover knows for sure

Intrusion always wins

When I open them to speak again

A pearl drops to the ground

The precious albatross now hangs

Loose around my neck

The source of which, though I wish,

Impossible to forget

The devils eyes, he sees the pearl,

He knows he put it there

His pride it gleams silently,

In his silent stare

Across the room his phantom hands are

Firm upon my waste

My chest suspends the beating sounds

Irrational in pace

Devil push



And then I stand up straight

So lovers see what comes of love

Wet lips dry

When we don’t meet again

The pearl can’t rot

The pearl can’t die

The devils eyes they blink

If I look back too long

Poor devil doesn’t know

That tomorrow I’ll be gone

Until tomorrow, when that day comes,

I’ll wear the pearl with silent pride

I’ll let the devil keep his eyes

I’ll keep my devil tongue inside


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