Words and Art from Marina Chekalova

Thanks to another new Continuist member, Marina Chekalova for sending us her written work and some stencil work as well!

Marina’s links also can be found on our LINKS & LINKS page.

old armchair
i feel bad for this chair.
no one sits in it because it’s really uncomfortable.
would it help if i said “it’s not you, it’s me” ?

thats not the truth, though.

i want unhealthy, unbalanced, and unsafe. i want to become involved in
the most unhealthy relationship; a violent, bittersweet mess. i want
us to do things that i only hold significant to a certain vain point,
because we are only significant to a certain vain point, to linger,
fight, fuck, lay, and repeat, and do everything to become the
embodiment of hollow. i want you to feel love, and i will feel nothing
as i smoke my cigarette and stare at the ceiling. when you are lonely,
i will feed you temporary illusions that will fade when you wake. i
will birth sadness and you will give it a home, and abandon it and
take it back in again. we will be broken incarnate. i want us to be
uncertain of everything, but always knowing that we aren’t together in
the romantic sense; we’re together in the way that i don’t give a fuck
anymore, and you don’t know any better, and we’ve become entangled in
an insincere clutter.

we want to destroy ourselves, and this is how we’ve chosen to do it,
like it or not.

i want to fucking destroy you



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