11:43 by Alan Richardson.

Heartbreaker Alan Richardson is a first year English student at Ryerson. Check out the work he sent us!

“I’m over you, you know”

“I know,” he replied, “now can I please get to my locker?”

“Oh, you must know everything then” she sneered.

“I wouldn’t go that far, but you’ve greeted that same way every time since September started.”

“I have not!” she said, crossing her arms.

Great, he thought, now how am I going to get to my lunch?

“You’re right. You haven’t.”

“Ok, good…”

Yes, I’m in the clear!

“…it’s just, we haven’t really talked since we broke up in June.”


“I just feel like breaking up with you might have been a mistake.” She said, her eyes softening.

Here it comes.

“I mean, we both treated each other badly.”

We? Both? What did I do?

“If we do ever give it another shot,” she said, offering her hands to him.

Ohhhh no, he thought, keeping his hands in his pockets.

“I promise I’ll never treat you badly.”

What, again?

“You know,” he said, reaching past her, taking his sandwich from his locker, “it doesn’t seem like you’ll have to worry about it.”

“Listen!” She knocked the sandwich from his hands. “You always do this! Always treat me so badly!”

She stepped on the sandwich leaving a legible, if backwards, Converse logo imprinted in it.

“Now I know why I left you!” she said, as she turned and stormed off.

Great, she thought, now how will I win him back?

Great, he thought, now what am I going to eat?

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