Written submission by Justin Lee

Friend of the Continuist Justin Lee is a first year student at U of T and is studying English. He writes, plays guitar, and woos the ladies by doing so. 

Check out one of his poems below:

What A Nice Day

There is a small park 

on the shores of our lake.

Shaded by old oak trees,

there are benches sit on

and swings to sway on. 

I prefer the swing. I got

better at it every year when I was younger.

I’m just a boy again.

Swirling blue, wide as the ocean,

I thought it was an ocean

until my parents told me.

White boats just floating; 

no where to go.

A boat would be nice.

I’d like to be stuck somewhere someday.

Everyone ventured out like I did.

Tall people, short people,

young people, old people

black people, white people 

whoever you are

you are running around laughing,

or kissing and holding hands,

maybe sleeping, perhaps laying on the grass,

even being in what they call in the state of nothingness,

where you just stare at nothing under the sun

looking like a philosopher with deep thoughts in mind

while really thinking about nothing

but just observing…everything.

Today, I felt like I was in a movie.

Hazy-eyed, realer than real. 

Life is sweet when it unfolds

like Hollywood. 

Hit pause. Listen. See. Hear this

for the first time. 

I become the star

and the world becomes mine.

Everything blue and green,

the golden sun bleaching me high and dry.

I was at the center of the world.

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