Written submission by Adie Margineanu

Adie Margineanu, HonBSc, MScBMC (candidate), is currently at U of T. She’s sent us two really beautiful poems that she has written recently, check them out below!

Untitled 1

i could probably fall in love just
watching your fingers peel a grapefruit.

every word running
from your mouth in the dark,
was a small light —

i carved out nests for them in the walls.
the blinds were always closed so my days
would glow with you.

i told time by the waxing
and waning of your interest.


i will let my hair grow long so
maybe i could mop up the flood waters.

then i could wring myself in your bathtub,
sit patiently, watch the white
and the light and the play of the water.

maybe you’d walk in and we could both
wash away. or maybe i’ll sit there.
wait. and wait.

and it wouldn’t make a difference.
because i’d have some hope left —
fingertip to fingertip i’d feel my shriveled skin.

Untitled 2

the wind plays in my hair,
like the hands of a small child or
how you move through my life with
careless ease,
fluttering gently

and soft and so fleeting.

Untitled 3

today, on my way to a movie in an attic,
i saw my favourite bicycle accompanied by its person;
i did not see his face, but he rode quite gracefully.

it is my favourite bike because
it is painted in multicolored stripes, like
pieces of candy but candy with purpose.
next time i see the bike, which will
probably be tomorrow

because it is always
chained up next to a house on Beverley Street
when I walk to the bus at eight in the morning,
i want to leave its person a note saying:
i have wondered many times what you look like,

and i still do because yesterday when i saw you
on your candy cane bicycle that this note is taped to
i wasn’t able to see your face but i think you are probably
quite beautiful and i would probably want to know you. 
i am not a psychogirl, i just want you to feel good knowing


that someone, out here, in this large, sad city
wanted to tell you that you mean something to her
in some minute, hopeful way.
i will never write this note,
and i will probably not see this person again.

but i take comfort in the fact that i will keep seeing
his bicycle there, tethered like all the rest of the things in my life
that make up beautiful routine.


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