Welcome newcomers!

Hi there! Just thought we’d write a little blog post with a rundown of who we are and what we do for all those new students who might happen upon our page looking for a good artsy time.

The Continuist is a student-run creative collective based out of Ryerson University and going into our 6th year running. We host creative events throughout the year, we collect and publish creative work made by students on our blog, and we publish a number of publications that contain the student work we receive. Our mission is to promote and foster creativity at Ryerson. Over the years, we have aimed to get student work into zines and the hands of people, as well as be a meeting place for creative types to collaborate and grow.
If you like what you read, there are two options for you!

1.) Submit your artwork! We take all kinds of creative work, be it: written, drawn, painted, knitted, sculpted, photographed, videographed, quilted, spraypainted, whatever. We publish every piece we receive on our blog, so this is a great way to get your publishing career off the ground.

To submit, send an email with your work attached to: thecontinuist@gmail.com

2.) Get involved in running The Continuist! We are always looking for energetic, creative types who want to host events, , learn to design publications, mingle with babes, be a social media guru, and whatever else you want to do. If this option appeals to you keep your eyes out for our upcoming open meeting for new members!

The best way to stay informed on upcoming meetings and events is on our facebook page!

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecontinuist/

We sincerely hope to see your bright shining faces in this coming year, be it around the editorial meeting table or at one of our lovely events! Don’t be a stranger.

-The Continuist

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