Poetry Submission by Cameron Macdonald

Cameron Macdonald is a first year English student at Ryerson University. Talented fellow! Check out his poem “Stones and Pendulums” below! Great piece to end the summer with.

On the floating docks,
her legs are dangling pendulums

as she fiddles with stones in her jacket
like a gentleman cusps a pocket watch.
Each toe tickles
the rippling mirror underneath;
the way a glass of Riesling
thickens the fog across the lake.
The scissor of the sun’s rays,
a swan’s bill
eating the crevices
the shadows of seaweed could not swallow.
And she skips the rocks,
closing her eyes to listen to the patter
like black heels clicking on top marble,
only slowly lifting the blanket of eyelids
to watch them sink
parallel to the shimmer of golden light.
She sifts into the soggy wood,
planked legs
and a mouth pierced
with her glassy tongue
and the crumbs of stars.
Just an ashy darkness;
the eye of a fleeting doe
behind the splash of redwoods.
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