Written submission by Laura Rojas

Laura Rojas is a first year ACS student at Ryerson, and a new member to the Continuist team.

She sent us a lovely piece of writing that she wrote! Feel free to read it below.


A wild cub like a wild flower in your
Like a wild, wild youth
Like your hands with slim fingers
Thin wrists
A piece of sugar glass
Strong coffee like a strong dream in the
Morning or
A chill that runs steadily down your
Thin arms
And traces rivers up your spine
Your braided spine like a vine on a white, brick wall
And I remember sitting out in the garden every night
Smoking a cigarette
In order to write
About the
Parallel distance between planets and suns
The romantic notion behind the pull of the moon against you
-like one body bending around another-
The loud gap
Two hands or a head and a chest
And the heavy silence
At 4 am
When it’s still too early
To do anything other than the basic human function of
(I loved your body and your
the weight of your hand on my chest
and how you
on sandy shores.)
But I’m sad
And forgive me if you’re tired of hearing it
happens to be
love poetry
it really is


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