Poetry by Karl Petschke

Karl Petschke is a fourth year ACS student at Ryerson, and has sent us one of his sonnets. Beautiful!

Expect to read more from Karl in the near future, we’re getting him to submit his short stories and stuff.


Dreams of Miranda

The light of sun gives way to light of stars
Whose silver glow replaces shine of gold
Sterling like tongues of those with love-filled hearts
Silver like locks of those whose love grows old

Too early does the sun wade cross the sky
Too late do we watch stars cross or align
Too often do we hear the crossed swords’ cry
Too seldom does your moonlit gaze cross mine

If I could give the night sky one last gift
I’d change the flow of heaven’s natural tide
And let the dawn’s embracing warmth uplift
The beauty I see on the darkened side.

For despite its shine my soul will lay strewn
Not round the sun, but ‘cross the sleepless moon.


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