Poetry by Laura Rojas

Continuist team player Laura Rojas is in her first year of ACS at Ryerson, and wrote a beautiful poem that she’s been charming enough to share with us.

Thanks Laura! Read it below, folks.


=     hounds.

If it were up to me I’d have paper and a pen right now

white page and black ink and not some flat sheet of metal, a screen and some keys. 

I want keys but piano keys and I want the sound your mouth makes when lips stretch to smile and you smack your tongue against the back of your teeth. Like this.

My voice is different over here.

I want the silence of hands clasped together in prayer or tightening into a fist, into a twisted ball of string.The structure of underwater bridges and streams and the tall, grey posts people in the city tie their bikes to. I want a flower garden. An interesting conversation. I want your hands to run down my thighs like my hands  ran up your back and our hands fit so nicely together. So quietly. I want the whine of a photo being taken, of a hot flash building and bursting into a show of firework tongues. I want wide eyes and a sleepy room. A sharp intake of breath, one that slices my ribcage in half- right down the middle. Nutmeg, vanilla, a half-empty winter.

Warm tea spilled on your kitchen floor. 


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