Poetry by David Eatock

David Eatock is a second year English student at Ryerson University. It’s his first time submitting, and we’re happy he did! Eatock is a talented fella, so please check out his writing below.


“The Sunrise Will Always Be Beautiful” 

There is heavy murk that spews from the twilight

and a hue of grey that has bonded with the earth,

there are opaque people with body piercing vision

and a woe ridden sky that is pregnant with solemnity


There are ghosts that travel through mental frequencies

and rain that falls like piss from the clouds,

there is a pigeon’s carcass being gnawed on by rats

and a whimpering hymn is the soundtrack for everything


For now these days are the ones that know me best,

that put on my clothes and cling to my chest,

but my eyes are not closed, though my body is wreaking,

in every darkness there is still sunlight peeking


The ghosts will soon depart,

I will make their beds and clean out their closets

with a hint of nostalgia in my watery eyes,

as letting go is a painful medicine that always goes down slow,

but still, even in reluctance, always does what it should


It builds bridges over moats that halt one from movement,

it expunges the wraiths that only look to haunt,

it turns them to ash, it pours them into urns

that sit in idle beauty upon the mantle of experience


The dead things will raise, the pigeon will be reborn,

it will soar through the air as an effervescent canary

and the rats will then leave to smoke from their pipes,

they will bask in new found brightness, in a sun shower of confetti

and one will then say to the other,


“How about a game of golf? It’s a beautiful day after all.”


I will watch them walk with a smile on my face,

I will learn to feel opaque and find joy in my ghosts

as this is a strange place where strange things happen

and while at times I think I break too easily,

while at moments my bones are of glass,

I still try to keep my eyes open,

for there will always be twilight and woe ridden skies,

but the sunrise will always be beautiful


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