Poetry by Kira Metcalfe

Kira Metcalfe is a 2nd year English BA student, currently studying at Ryerson U. Kira has submitted series of four poems about the city of Toronto. The series, entitled “Down The Rabbit Hole”, can be read below.

Beautiful work Kira!


Artificial Movement

Standing, sitting

Grasping warm metal

Shelter from the bitter cold

Standing with

Rhythm under the Con – Soles

Like a heart beat

Fast then faster then slow

Alone in a vacuum, in a rush

Just caught it, just got it

The day will follow

Suit, after suit after suit…

Rhythm like a running heart

Like a beating running heart

As if we knew what that was

Look Up
Found newspapers strewn

On a slow moving bright red train

Across seats of red and silver

This is where they live

Gliding along on medal tracks in cement

And passers by pay them no mind

They pick them up toss them

A side for numbered pages

For numbered stops

Writing words on a tech innovation

Blasting music as always

Not sure if it’s the right way to do it

But it feels it because the words flow

Writing sentences for them

Gonna have a new flat soon, though

On a main street of a major polis

Near You! Streamlined and fresh will

They be that same silver same red?

Do we want it anymore?

Futurism, made cheap

Do we want it anymore?

Not for the taxpayers, he’ll say

The Gravy Train is here, choo choo

Do we want them any more?

Peering out the windows

To known we’re home

Partitions blur so never

Thought to look up

To where they live on top of stores

On top of trains & red rockets


Investigating alleyways and avenues

Gargoyles come to life on building facades

The bike tire tracks catch the cement

An old familiar texture long forgotten

On that bridge to Sunnyside where childhood happens

Not a mile from miles of highway

Going the other way into the city

To that random three way intersection

Right between Dufferin and Lansdowne on Queen West

Yes, good old PK town…Represent.

A Building looks right over Dunn Ave

Going on two hundred years old

But the Historical Society means nothing

That building becomes a forth road for the cross

Definitely the longest light in Toronto now

Swings, slides – down at McCown

Hop, skip, jump from school, from home and work

A job, a job? Such labour

No more leisurely bike rides down the Margret Lane

Way to close to say no to that nostalgic feeling

The one well lived-in one, yes you know it

Soundtrack of the Streets

“Hold on…” (Annoyed…)/ (No! Agitated sounds better)/”…truck!”/ “hhhhssss” (dead air)/ Siren siren minute minute/Desensitized to the noise/ To the war of sound and distortion/ To the waking and sleeping of the city/ Oh slumber great beast!/ You are like no other!/ You, “Give Me Love,”1 and/ Keep me “Safe & Sound”2/ Soundtrack of the streets/ Oh iPod, iPhone – touch/ You got me seeing with a/ “Fresh Pair of Eyes”3/ Singing to the non-existent stars/ They’re out there but not to see/ Only between the ears/ On a celestial beat beat/ On the avenue, listenin’ hard/ For the sign of slang/ And of important graffiti/ Then “I ride, […] l just ride”/ Never stop “Running Up That hill”4/ Oh “Jack and Jill”5 watch out/ For that allusive “Drop In The Ocean”6/ The one that eludes the city/ Then I say hey to that/ “Somebody That I Used To Know”7/ Something that I use to know/ The road, the streets/That curb appeal and one/ Hundred and sixty year old/ Old buildings/ They scream!/ Soundtrack of the streets/ Soundtrack of the mind/ Soundtrack of the life/ THE life, someone else’s/ Life “That I Used To Know”/ But “I just ride”/ Realizing how much we’re “Holding on and Letting Go,”8/ Look out to the open road/ And “Ride”9

  1. Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran
  2. Safe & Sound // Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
  3. Fresh Pair of Eyes // Brooke Waggoner
  4. Running Up That Hill by Placebo
  5. Jack and Jill // Katie Herzig
  6. Drop in the Ocean // Ron Pope
  7. Somebody that I Use To Know // Gotye ft. Kimbra
  8. Holding On and Letting Go // Ross Copperman
  9. Ride // Lana Del Rey

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