Poetry Submission by Stephanie Wilson

Here is a poem by Stephanie Wilson, a fellow Ryerson student.
This poem would be great read aloud. Enjoy.
In my head
It’s all
in my head.
The ghosts sneak, quietly, they creak
the floorboards near my bed, where I am
weak, let my guards down, they wreak
havoc on my mind,  intertwined in the misfirings,
where no one will find the messes, unkind.
But I will breathe,
so deep, and weep
when I need, it will not seep
into my blood, not while I wake
or while I sleep.
I will fight and be
bright to it all, not a sight
of a slight or a sliver of the pain
in my veins, I will write
it all out
until the fight
has been won
by me.

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