Perception by Lauren Matera

Ryerson English student Lauren Matera is submitting for a second time (and we love that).

She has sent us Perception,  a mystical poem that encompasses dream states and tempts the borders of reality. Beautiful. Check it out.




I watched the world spin
I watched it burst into a never ending
ever expanding blitz
a big ball of free floaters

It stretched endless,
as the strong breeze that sweeps over the sea
away and away
until its inevitable end

I rode that breeze
and it took me to a cove
where the drip, drop, drip
was my only memory
the rest was a dream
or a dream like state
or a dream like thing
that haunted me for as long
as I could remember

In this place,
this dream space
the earth was nothing-
insignificant bits
that take flight at moments in time
to make you believe in the realness.
And right then, in that moment
I knew what I wanted all along

Only when broken into a million pieces
do you learn how to fix it
to put it back together
I knew now exactly what would
purify my blood

and that was you
and your wings

I danced upon them once
tip toeing my way from one end to the other
and found the truth I was looking for
always there
but never revealing itself to me

I found it in the tiny details-
the shimmering white
the grace of their sway
the way I could see the rest of the world
from that one spot

I had this wandering notion
that if I stood atop them
and looked out
and long and far and hard enough
I would see that tiny speck
of light that would bring me back
to this realm, one of substance

But I had no concept
of real or unreal or real-like
so when I opened my eyes,
I crept up against this thought
and lay down
using it to rest my head
and drew the curtains over my lids
curled up in that cove
and the rhythmic drip, drop, drip
my lullaby

Goodnight earth
Goodnight vast and far and wide


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