Written submission by Alex Lee

First year Ryerson Journalism student Alex Lee has provided us (and you) with another neat submission. Read Alex’s “Good Friday” below, inspired by the band Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. This poem has a really lovely feel & flow to it.

Thanks a bunch Alex!


Good Friday
The suburban kids are named after biblical heroes
Who fell too short of morality and complexion
Who died before falling in love, before learning to hate
or even knowing the importance of intimacy.
They are merely the sons and daughters of anonymous shadows,
of mere caricatures and of imitators
Who grew out of old clothes and the bones of our ancestors,
finding gold and riches on the grounds of a sovereign wind.
They are the pastor’s kids, who only knew of their father’s virtues
The sins worn out by a thinning blade and a victory brought before them
Skewered with golden tooth picks on a silver platter.
No, the kids will never know the mysticism of traveling on foreign territory
stepping into a field of broken glass, wiping the blood not on a silk scarf
but letting it seep underground, for in time another barren field will grow
having let another man, in solitude and in splendid wonder,
stand tall before the very soil and rocks.
The kids will never know how to wake up to silence,
to indulge in sins, to bask in morbid splendor,
or of not having to go back home
not ever again.


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