Written submission by Miranda Knight Hassell

Miranda Knight Hassell is a 4th year Arts & Contemporary Studies student, and has sent us a set of 3 poems with the title, “Triptych for India”. Miranda has told us that the pieces were inspired by a trip she took to India last year.

The three poems are available for reading below.

Thanks so much for submitting Miranda!


Triptych for India

The Streets of Chennai

a broken murmuration

mirrored by horns

gas, pedal, chuckle

break, full laugh

scraped yellow vehicles

history, physical flirtation



pumping beats, excitement

pacified by tepid breeze

fume shrouds

hot oil coats

in hunger masters’ pots

tiffin siding

bumper reflections

light flashes

brown ombre spectrum

in millions of fragments




drapes fluorescent

beams illuminating:

Chai, petrol

the breath of Madras

The Hills of Kodaikanal

Sharp breath in congruency

Eucalyptus osmosis

layer rich

teal spectrum

gilded cold stone fringe

fierce monkey companions

speckling the sun rayed shola

shimmering silver bodies

winter line fog descends

chills quickly

lights appear

a jewel box

misted roads

whitewashed homes

guarded guars

stalk high fences

and solemn men


Inside Rock Cottage

couched low

cement and feet


greeted by a geyser

a pour bath

stiff sore expectant limbs

from the Hill Station time old

mattresses bare wool blankets

grateful tin scented old pipe hot water

runs down the floor, the hill, the valleys

relieves, reliving

The Pandian Express

Indian trains overnight

2nd class


Chai! Chai! Chai!

Coffeeeee Coffeeeee!

Chai! Chai! Chai!

Perspired bodies


cockroach scuffle

gentle sway

unknown adventure

squat toilet

western toilet

squat toilet

onto the tracks

the gift from colonialism





Bodies washing

Chai! Chai! Chai!

communion cups of chai


6 later

communion with new friends

an old man, lungi

a young female film maker, pants


we are awake.

hot fresh aluminum wrapped idlis

Wallahs bringing morning life


the life blood of the Indian Railways


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