Poem By Phoenix Simms

We’ve got a new piece by previous submitter Phoenix Simms, titled Sentinels. It’s got some really lovely language. Don’t hesitate to check it out below!


upon high

with porous skin
my vantage point
drinks in everything
I can take stock of the bustle
the pavement angels that think the surface reflects
the inner turmoil of their serpentine lives
of course we all know that everyone falls for such lustrous emanations
but even my glare through slitted, eternal grimace
sees how the smooth prisms contain just as many fractures
as my crackled, scabrous form. I have many to call my own
and those nephilim could have each other, but they refuse to dilute themselves further
judgment can be just as unsightly, whether tossed from afar or passed from hand to hand
I am no lofty sovereign to these creatures who only glance above to refute my presence
although in peril those who would scoff will be quick to enlist my countenance for their solace.


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