Written submission by Kira D. Metcalfe

Ryerson English student Kira Metcalfe has sent us a new work of hers entitled Mad Man with No Box. You can read it below, and more of her work at her blog here.

Beaut! We’re always so pleased with how creative Ryerson students are.


Mad man with no box

I saw a man the other day,

he looked odd and his trousers were pulled up

far too high.

The seconds that I knew him,

I’ll never forget,

he would take five steps

then he would stop with a little bounce.

Looking down to his feet his gaze

would soon reach his own horizon.

Then another five steps and the process would repeat

over and over again.

Outside of a mental hospital this was…

You would instantly know,

he belongs.

– K.D. Metcalfe


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