Written submission by Kira Metcalfe

Ryerson student/recurring submitter Kira Metcalfe has sent us another original piece of writing, beautifully done as always. You can read “Smile at Stars and They Smile Back” below.


Smile at stars and they smile back

one and the same, a mirror.

Are they not a reflective, after all?

Process of pressure and indignation

left alone in the non-void, feeling for itself

left in a crowd so far ways away, that miles

they are not even enough to say,

but can’t they be touched, even at a distance?

One and the same, for fear

of something else; in distance prayed.

What was once dust, not state of decay,

brings the fever of a long lost loss.

The fury and the release, for once

not all understood, but understood

nonetheless. Grieving of a love never

seen or heard, broken or found.

One and the same, a mirror

shone through on the dullest of days

enough light to wake the non-existent heavens.

The edging out of a wayward soul,

and they call out, but no one hears.

Are not the helpless, lonesome little things

of nightmares. Possibilities that have been lost:

tears on a pillow, and fear in a heart

all these things and more.

One and the same, for fear

of losing it all in the fight of the ages;

in the fight of the years, and years

staring back, and in reverse

knowing what’s to come, vulnerable

from a past sensation, and that is all

the fear of looking in a mirror.




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