Poetry submission by Sanita Fejzic

What better way to enjoy this beautiful Monday afternoon than with a cup of something sweet and a few love songs and laments at your fingertips?

Sanita is a fiction writer based out of Ottawa. Her poetry and short story work has been published in various literary magazines including Guerilla, Byword and The Newer Yorker. Inspired by the work of poet Pablo Neruda, here are three original pieces:


Ode to keyholes

I scream your name

But you refuse to open

— Stubborn

Like the red-orange-brown of rust

Lock and key model

Listen, I come to bond

Stumble at your threshold

Molded to someone else

Lick the iron pus, I

Am drunk on sorrow

The music needles me on

Your voice scrapes

To be reborn

— Remade

To fit Perfectly

Inside of you


To Savour her beauty

Ancient creatures rage war in my belly

The light of her sepia halo ebbs onward

Surrender and fall is all I can do

For moments like these I would die

Death at midnight from butterflies

To savour her beauty once more

Beauty whose perfume

Declares war and wins

Oh, Goddess!

Beautifully ecstatic

Woman: be mine

Be mine…


Dont look back

Your voice hits parts of me

Still within reach

Figure of speech, between lines

The portrait of a verbal leach

Push me around with words

Left dormant for too long

Awoken by the full moon

Howling with intent and fury strong

Pick the most beautiful flower

In your garden          — You can’t help it

— I know

Let it die in the vase by your books

Read them as I wither to the night

Find the words and don’t look back

Tell me one last time, my lover,

My friend: your grand literary hack



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