Written submission by Sanita Fejzic

We have some more laments and love songs by Sanita Fejzic to share with you!

Ottawa-based writer Sanita Fejzic has provided some background information about her work:

“I’m moved by Pablo Neruda’s love poems, with their evocative imagery and accessible prose. To write simply about love is not simple at all. To write a love poem that makes you feel; whose main concern is not with the intellect but with the heart—like giving your blood to save another life, to feel the immense power of my simile is to know the urgency of love. And of course, when love isn’t there, the lament that flows through you, like hands moving quickly, the black pus of ink marking the contours of a wound that won’t scar.”

Sanita has also published a short story in the Newer York, available here.


Deca dance

Waltz with me

Under the puffy white

Robe of midnight blossoms

Unveil my immortality

­­— Slowly

Take off the masks

Uglier than the ugly

They hide and I admit

Half way through the song

The murder I’m about to commit

Break the silence

Kill our hopes and dreams

For this            — My lover

Is out last dance


Stages of Surrender 

You gave me the light

So in the shadows

No longer I would write

* * *

Thank you is not


Feel the vastness

Stretch wide like sorrow

Speechless and stubborn

Erase me now:

I beg of you,

Before another word —

The silence I steal

From the horizon

Nights spent waiting


Lonely, not alone

I think — I know — I feel

Your absence

Measured by silence



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