Week 2 of Syntax Sundays: Rebekah Vee

It’s that time of the week again! Our second Syntax Sundays submission is from Rebekah Vee, a 1st year English student attending Ryerson U. In her poem Swan Song, the reader is trying to stitch together the rhythms along with the narrator all the way until the last singsong stanza. The overall sense of loss and acceptance of fate in the content of this piece is nicely interwoven in its structure and visual appearance, as if taking the reader through a funnel. If you want to be a part of this feature, send an email to thecontinuist@gmail.com with the heading ‘Syntax Sundays’, your name, and the piece you would like be contribute. Thanks, and enjoy!


Swan Song

You are the last breath of the song I sew
Notes don’t touch your ears
But hit my toes with every blow
You’ll never hear
My swan song sing
Your back is facing the breath I bring
And words are trapped
In -phragm and ribs
My soul is mapped
My love has lived

The song I sing
I sing alone
The words it rings
“It’s time I go”


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