The Continuist presents: HEADRUSH


We’re giving you a little sneak peek at our newest publication! Over the summer we created a compilation of artwork from a variety of Toronto-based students and artists. We are proud and excited to share this with all of you!

We will be throwing a launch party for Headrush on Thursday November 7th, which we’ll be posting an official invite for within the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled.

The publication features work by Tyler Ball, Elizabeth Barrette, Emily Belanger, Camille Borody, Francie Copelli, Elana Delaney, Erich Deleeuw, David Eatock, Gabby Frank, Mitch Green, Jamie Harvey, Catherine Hennessey, Duane Isaac, Erin Leydon, Andrew Mastin, Andrea Manica, Cameron Macdonald, Cassandra McCann, Michael McDonnell, Sofie Mikhaylova, Ally Morris, Caitlyn Murphy, Michael Riggs, Ben O’Neill, Taylor Parkinson, Laura Rojas, Yuli Scheidt, Phoenix Simms, Megan Stulberg, Nick Vo, Cale Weir and Rebecca Zynomirski.

Can’t wait until November for a copy? We’ll be selling copies of Headrush at Canzine on Sunday, October 20th. Come visit us anytime between 1-7pm at 918 Bathurst! RSVP here.

***Update as of Friday October 18th: Due to delays in printing these aren’t ready yet for Canzine this coming sunday. However we’ll still be selling a variety of our other zines, prints from select artists, independent zines from some of our editors…and baked goods!



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