Canzine 2013!

We are so happy that we had the chance to run a table at Canzine Toronto yesterday! Our table-game has significantly improved (we’re pretty proud okay?). For a comparison, click here to check out our display from last year.

We sold some of our zines including Finding Teeth, Bloomers, The Continuist 2012, and Vo. 3. We also sold original prints and zines by Megan Stulberg, Elana Delaney and Laura Rojas. We ALSO sold some homemade baked goods. It was a pretty crowded table.

We picked up some new publications from our friends over at House Hippo Press and Static Zine. We made some new friends too! Canzine is always so overwhelming because it reminds us just how many creative people Toronto has to offer.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, be sure check out Broken Pencil’s website. They’re the folks that make this magical event happen year after year.

P.S. A huge ‘Thank you!!!’ to the members of this year’s Continuist team for being incredibly helpful in the preparation and running of this table. ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_8826 IMG_8820 IMG_8819 IMG_8817 IMG_8833



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