Written submission by Lauren Matera

Lauren Matera is an undergraduate English student at Ryerson University. She has shared an original piece with us. “My Own Days” can be read below.

We always love the beautiful work that Lauren produces! Three more pieces by Lauren that she has previously submitted to us can be read here.

Her words dripped with politic and practicality

the rhetoric of which swayed me

neither this way nor that

with the didactic way she had of speaking down


All at once I knew

I wanted nothing to do with it

that practical, perfect idealism

it just wasn’t my brand of pleasure


Practicality, in honest fact, seemed to me

the farthest tip of a tree branch

oak (or was it pine) that I couldn’t reach

not even on the tips of my toes


Rather the tactile play of words

that slipped from my lips

in some tangible way or other

was my true and only solace


She snickers at this with her silver steel eyes

and at the small sway in my step

and at the way I prefer solitude

and at the quirk in my thinking


A dreamer, she called me,

a head filled with airy, flighty notions

which had no grounding in the sensible

Reality, it seemed, was no place for me


But this was my own version of it

not your, nor hers

my only wish being that

if I let her have the cool comfort of her office walls

then she would let me make my own days




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