Drawing submission by Amanda Spinosa

Amanda Spinosa is a 4th year Visual and Critical Studies major at the School of Visual Arts In New York City. Amanda has worked as a mixed media artist since the beginning of her artistic career, although as of late, she has decided to try her hand at something a bit different. She has always been interested in the psychology of the art-making process and she is now working on a series of what she calls “stream of consciousness” drawings. She is mainly focused on the purity of ideas, like those that we experience as children. Amanda has gravitated toward less sophisticated materials for this particular series because she feels they don’t present any level of inhibition. On December 14th and 15th of this year, she will be participating in the Degenerate Craft Fair at 87 Lafayette St. at the DCTV Firehouse in Lower Manhattan. There, she is planning on premiering her new line of plush toys/pillows of her doodled characters.

To any of our NYC readers, please visit Amanda at the fair! We wish we could stop in oh-so-badly.

More of Amanda’s work can be viewed here.

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