Written Submission by A.K.

We’ve received a written submission from a Ryerson Engineering student that goes by A.K. Digging the mystique! Read the piece below.

Where have you gone my dear flower lady
lady of the summer, the singer of soul songs

Dear flower child, where have you been
its been too long

The chill of winter has attacked me at the roots
dear flower lady where is my mobility lately

Summer child,beautiful pensive thoughts of the solstice
I miss your deep seated needs and your dreams that never rendered me hopeless.

Dear flower child, you have awoken the beast of winter
sweet summer i yearn for you and not your wicked sister

A time of serene thoughts and crevices filled with life.
Now i return home, only to be void of light

Dear flower child, come and find me again
For where the river bends and freezes , life must begin again


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