Week 9 of Syntax Sundays: David Warner and Joseph James Cawein

The works of David Warner and Joseph James Cawein for this week’s Syntax Sundays play with the theme of music, speaking to its importance in both understanding the human condition and poetry itself.

David Warner uses spacing and  textual effects to keep the reader searching along with the narrator. The poem pieces together, stretching and beckoning with each line. The associations between music, bonding and personal traits bring fresh associations and sounds to the reader that make this piece truly pleasurable.

They were all out of Eno

Though only 3 lines, Joseph James Cawein‘s poem sings hauntingly to the reader, paradoxically evoking both instant pleasure and longing with its seeping diction that drips off the tongue. It questions the boundaries between what is heard exteriorly in contrast to what is felt interiorly, blurred by the mist of sound.

still makes me smile

chemical laughter is no replacement
for the music of a pretty woman’s bones
clenched tight in misty promise


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