Poetry submission by Santiago Botero

University of Toronto Mississauga student Santiago Botero has submitted three love poems to us. Our hearts! They’re breaking! Beautiful work.

Read the set below:

Under The Tree

The shade of the tree,

Blankets me,

The sturdy trunk allows me to live,

And the silent whispers of the leafs remind me to keep my walls down,

For love will always come around,

And I wait patiently,

Under this tree never lonely,

It gives me shade,

To protect my heart for her only,

For she will come into my life eventually,

Autumn rolls around so majestically,

Creating colors so unique and intriguing,


The tree started to lose leafs in quiet sorrow,

Hope dies and crows crow,

The lady with ice strides cold and strong,

“Hope is gone”

Winter said low,

The trunk helps me stand my ground,

And the sun rises loud,

Spring has finally been found,

She melts sorrows and sadness so proud,

And the new leafs fill the tree with hope,

To remind me that love always finds its way with no wrong,

So under this tree of life I won’t wait long,

For she will come,

No matter how cold.


What is Love?

It even warms the heart of stone

And creates a bond

That can last so long

That can go through it all

Good and bad are not set apart

For they both take part of the most famous ride in the park

And one that takes your heart far

Creating memories that shine like a star

Come on darling let me show you the start

To what will be the ride of your life

So hold on tight but don’t close your eyes

Because the whole world I will show you with a smile


Like a wandering animal,

Alone in a concrete jungle so admirable,

Striving to be adaptable,

Trying to become acceptable,

Noise makes me prone,

For the search of love,

Through the crowded streets,

I will always walk alone,

For the perfect woman one day will come,

And for her,

An eternity I will always stay alone.


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