Week 11 of Syntax Sundays: Camille Borody

Syntax Sundays is pleased to feature more of Camille Borody‘s dreamy poetry. The piece begins with a chaos of sound, uncertainty and violent motion that situates the reader in its stream of consciousness state. As the poem bustles on, it begins to structure itself through near rhyme and a slowing down of movement, making sense of the atmosphere it’s placed within. The aquatic tinges provide a beautiful and sensorially pleasing parallel.


I dreamt that I was drowning
Spinning in the depths of the sea
When I found myself calmed by a ray of light
That had dove down to find me
It gathered me and my fear
It washed me clean of the mermaid’s lies
That had tempted me to look within
When I had fallen
I watched them rest upon the coral,
and comb the sea salt through their hair
After I had made peace with the weeds and the clay
I told the sun to mourn my mortal soul
For It was beneath the sea that I would stay.


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