Week 14 of Syntax Sundays: Jamie Lupia

The poetry of Jamie Lupia, an English major from Brock University, provides Syntax Sundays with a palate of tastes and sensorium that parallels the emotions of each piece. Her keen attention to spacing manages to draw out the key themes of her writing, making the structure of the poem just as important as its content. While Scent uses this to evoke a whimsical state in the last stanza that contrasts the list-like format preceding it, Cluck manages to break up the lines in a manner that fractures the enjambment, suggesting a sense of fear or reluctance. Repetition is also evident in her poetry, especially Energy, presenting a rhetoric that is brooding, yet visually evocative.





One thought on “Week 14 of Syntax Sundays: Jamie Lupia

  1. Reblogged this on an invincible calm and commented:
    Hey followers! Everyone follow this wonderful blog. This is my poetry that published! (Along with so many more amazing poets, artists, and photographers…honestly phenomenal!)

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