Odd Ends “Devil Dogs #2” Track Review

Review by Laura Rojas

We recently received a submission from Jacob Cantu, member of the California-based band Odd Ends. Along with bandmate Chris Rodriguez, they create dystopian-like sounds vaguely reminiscent of the experimental band Field Dress. They also compare themselves to other “outsider musicians” like Daniel Johnston and Half Japanese. For a band that formed relatively recently (mid-2013), they already have an incredibly recognizable and distinct sound.

I took a listen to their track Devil Dogs #2 and found myself entranced by the repetitive sound of heavy guitar, a single kick-drum, and wildly distorted vocals. Listening to the track is an experience, a heavy door that opens to grey fog and things crawling through the green sludge of the inbetweenness. The track is predominantly experimental with overlapping psychedelic undertones.

If you’d like to give them a listen (as you should!), check out their Bandcamp.



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