Visual Poetry Submission by Laura Rojas

Laura Rojas is one of our blossoming editors and we love her to bits! Currently a 2nd year Arts and Contemporary Studies student at Ryerson University, both the wording and formatting of her poems never cease to impress us.

Check out three of her newest pieces below. More can be found on her blog at

last one here year end


– morning evening dawn –

the shining boat-like kisses

you’ve given me in my sleep

like something swimming in the empty waters

going somewhere with purpose


peach light sunset

in the arboretum


the route home

oh, billowing mountains

we drive by billowing mountains

through the thinnest foggy afternoon of my life

like a wedding veil, white duvet covers over our head

like a wedding veil

oh, billowing mountains

i feel you around us i feel you above us

and when i close my eyes my thinning lids

i feel you inside us


someday i’ll live in a building

which houses a planet above it

forests and caves, parks and alleys

on the roof

like another dimension

like a different place

inside a place

simulacra, i can’t tell the difference.


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