Week 17 of Syntax Sundays: Lauren Matera

Lauren Matera, an English student at Ryerson University and editor for Ryerson Folio Magazine, uses spinning alliteration and abrupt spacing in order to give her work presence. Dry Mouth is a flurry of the sensorial, evident in the sound and stream of  language that drips off this piece. The diction and rhythm becomes harsher as the poem continues, adding to its tension. Linens uses high-impact imagery and taste in order to capture a message of gluttony and despair. The constant shades of red create a motif that complicates the content, yet refreshes the reader’s senses.

Dry Mouth

took a gamble
decided to wake up

stumbled out on morning gravel,
with last nights whiskey ramble

still on the tongue-tip
top of the morning to you

and your smug shoe shine smile
half hidden by sewer-grate smog

gushing just past the picket fence,
lined densely with dried sprigs

counting crows feet
on the electro high wire,

counting the hours until
the night’s intoxicating sleep

dim the neon flashbulb in the sky
the one hanging tauntingly by a string


    cherries rest on wooden mantles
and the plump woman sits
restlessly in the non space between
lemony tea bags, two lumps of sugar cane
    red oak ashes
brushed over the bones
of the old plump woman
with toes inverted,
bulged belly, cheeks full of apple sauce
  liver brimming with mahogany cherries,
      plum red pea coat
a saucer of silky milk chai
placed for the tabby
satiated, lapping its dinner

    “it occurs to me mad-

a half baked
tea cozy
so you can stop burning palms

  redirect your thought
redirect your speech
pleasantries only please
wipe that bit of lie you have hanging
from your lip
watch you don’t spill that sobriety
on the linens


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