Written submission from Daci Racher

We’ve received a submission from Daci Racher, a Public Relations/Theatre student (excellent combo, in our opinion!) at Texas State University.

We have featured four of her poems below, but more of her work is available at sensorydeprivations.tumblr.com.

To Anyone Who Tries

You’ll like her for the slender form
Of her legs when she walks
Thin hips, curved back,
Hair like corn silk on her shoulder

You’ll like her bottom lip
How it’s fuller than the top
You’ll like the bright blue
Of her ocean eyes in summer

You’ll watch her laugh
And wish to be her lungs
She will hum songs in the kitchen
And you’ll know the tune

You will fall for her aching heart
And all its secrets
You’ll want to uncover them
With your rough, searching hands

You will fall for her voice
At 3 am on a Sunday
When she’s sad and mumbling
To God and the devil

You will let her see your soul
And she will admire it
From far away

You will write her songs
And she will sing with you
From far away.

But she will not love you.

And for that
I’m sorry.


You loved me like a hurricane
But then your rain dried up
And wind kept blowing
So all I have are broken windows
And bruises.

I left the door open for so long
In case your rain came back
To wash away the dirt and glass.
But your rain dried up
And your wind knocked me down.

So I closed the door.


That’s the beauty, isn’t it?
The potential energy
Of slow destruction.
You make me Kinetic,
Move me
Warm me
Invade me
I need it.
I need you.

Rib cage open,
Tread lightly.

Safe Places

I touch the scars on your arms,

Your stomach,

Like they’re braille and I’m blind.

I’m remembering your pain

With my eyes closed tight.


And you,


You touch the scars in my mind

My heart,

Like they’re braille and you’re blind.

You remember my pain

With your eyes on mine.


And we,


We aren’t afraid of each other.

Only ourselves, only our scars,

The ridges and lines

We never show anybody.

Because no one before has been gentle.


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