Week 18 of Syntax Sundays: Kyle Fisher and Rania El Morsy

This week features the theme of landscape through the poetry of Kyle Fisher and Rania El Morsy. Both observe the vastness of nature and its relation to the human condition.

Kyle Fisher provides a sense of optimism with the recurring metaphor of the star.  This metaphor has an omnipresence about it that puts the reader in a sublime state, especially in the shrinking last lines. Its ability to span time through its references to Native Indians and power failures adds to this state.

If Only I Were a Star

I want to be a star
Shooting through the midnight sky
On a clear moonlit night in the middle of May.
No cloud in sight or care in the world,
Just dust aimlessly burning through the atmosphere.

Fervent as a flame that Native Indians may have danced around;
A fire to keep warm.
Or a candle flickering in the dark when the power shuts off
Because you couldn’t afford to pay your bills
And all that’s left to fill the void of the night is hope;
Hope and serenity from that single light burning through the night sky
Mesmerizing as an iridescent diamond gleaming
Or a warrior’s cry.

I want to be the star you wish upon
When you see that spark of light
Flash before your eyes.
For a moment there’s magic in the world again,
And the world isn’t such a scary place.

You don’t know what I’d give to live as a star
Shooting through the air without a trace.
For you to believe in yourself again,
And to inspire all your dreams;
Because this life you’re living is so much brighter than what it seems.

If I could light up your life, I would.
But if only
I were a star.

By exploring the elements of nature, Rania El Morsy captures  love’s vastness, reminiscent of the Romantic poetry . Its constant change of style suggests the powerful forces of emotion, unmapped and wild, especially in contrast to the line ‘You are a lover, a friend’.

A Love So Great

I have touched upon the mountainous cliffs.
I have engaged in its embrace.
I have leveled with the capacious clouds,
but I have yet to reach your grace.

Do I dare question how humanity has spewed such a man?
Shall I drown in my curiosity to understand?

Your soul so gently sculpted by the hands of the wind
and your smile illuminates your invitation.
Your heart so humble and temperament calm as the waters not yet injured by a nights’ storm.

Your generosity cascades and extends to all
while your exuberance shines into an invigorating presence.

You are a lover, a friend.

Past the darkness where I scratched for sight
it is you, who bequeath light.
Owed, a debt to pay of my gratitude, you claim is undue.
My appreciation, do I hold unto you.


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