Photo & Text Submission from Markie EK

The following submission is from Toronto native Markie EK!

Markie is a photographer/artist/barista currently residing in St. Catharines. She has described her work to us as “minimalist, but with something to think about.” Well put.

We’ve included three photographs (the second one is our personal favourite) and one poem below, but more of her work is available on Tumblr and Instagram.


little things in between IMG_0585

Slowly drifting off, there I was. There you were. Here we are.

Drifters, drifting.. differently.

Dowsed in disaster waiting for some distance.

Drowning in distance in the worst disaster.

The taste lingers upon the stale afternoon desk donut.

Don’t it?

Disastrous donut in the distance of my throw up.

Dancing upon the seat of the toilet.

Dancing to drown.



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