Q&A with Kendra Yee

Interview conducted by Megan Stulberg.

I recently had the chance to interview Kendra Yee, a Toronto-based illustrator. I’ve been gawking and fangirling over Kendra’s  drawings and doodles on Instagram since pretty much forever and finally got up the courage to ask her a few questions about technique, plans for the future, and her artistic progress.

Kendra’s work can be found on her website Unadoptable and on Rookie Mag.



Q – What do you do?

I’m a first year student at OCAD studying illustration. I’m a regular comic contributor and illustrator for the online magazine, Rookie and I work part time at Magic Pony. I also do other freelance illustration and solo exhibition work.

Q – What’s your favourite part about what you do?

I think working in my sketchbook. I love observing the process that it undergoes as it develops into this new world. When I look back through old sketchbooks, I’m able to see how each drawing reflects the situation that I was experiencing at that time.

tumblr_mqi4olMbJA1r3mx44o1_5001385905286kendra_deccomic1-700x775Q – And the hardest part?

Probably starting a new sketchbook! It’s too precious, too clean.

Q – Was there an artistic event or occurrence in particular that has been significant for your career?

I feel like all my experiences have contributed to my career in some way or another. I think documenting my work through my blog has created a huge impact.

Q – How has your style and work changed over the years?

It’s funny, I found an old portfolio in my house that contained a bunch of drawings and various art pieces from around 5 years ago. The characters I drew when I was 13 are very similar to the characters that I draw now. My technical skills have improved a lot since attending OCAD. I’ve also experimented a lot more with different mediums.


Q – What’s your preferred medium and why?
Ahhh I have no idea! I don’t think I have one, I love working with all different types of mediums. I work a lot with inks and watercolours because the bottles are the most convenient to carry around in my backpack.

Q – What’s next for you as an artist?
I want to contribute to more magazines and participate in group shows. I also hope to produce more interactive/ installation works and experiment with self publishing.



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