Poetry Submission by Donald Teuma-Castelletti

First time submitter Donald Teuma-Castelletti is a second-year Journalism student at Ottawa U. He sent us a very ernest poem he wrote while a little bit drunk (“Write drunk, edit sober” anybody?) and for something written while under the influence, we’re definitely fans of how well it turned out! Lovely.

Read below:

* * *

Editing Sober

“Write drunk”

They say he said

An inspiration

Spiraling aspiration

And so the bottles

Lay open and empty

In a clinking pile

Of my motivation

With everyone trying so hard

Who do you want to outdo?

An inspiration

Spiraling aspiration

Inside a glass of cheap wine

Acidic Welches

With a dizzying afterthought

There goes my fear of writing

Or of appearing a fool

Then there’s the flash

As a message comes up

About absolutely nothing

To which I reply absolutely nothing

In outgoing terms, of course

Then there’s a bang

As the drums pop

And I find my new distraction


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