Week 25 of Syntax Sundays: Cassandra McCann

With its attention to spacing and anaphora, Cassandra McCann places the reader in a space of reflection and vulnerability. The concepts are connected not by the material subjects, but rather through the deictic structures that are interlaced throughout the poem. This piece is constantly pointing and therefore never stable, further reinforced in the humanization of its inconsistent elements, such as the sky, light and sea. Yet, beyond such ambiguous motion is a sense of togetherness, a constellation of meaning that connects the dots between material and transcendental.

scattered and slanted

this is a new country
this is a new bed
this is your commute.

do you have any friends?
do you go out a lot?
do you speak French yet?

this is another new bed
another new home
another body to lay beside

this is how I lost you:
beneath the bones of the sea
in the skin of the sky over the
city of lights.


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