Week 26 of Syntax Sundays: Lauren Matera

Lauren Matera, a third-year English student at Ryerson University, never fails to amaze us with her unique alliteration and enjambment style that paints rather than writes. Her ability to contrast the natural and the manufactured in this voice suggests a peculiar harmony, yet the reader is constantly tugged by the scenery and the dialogue, meshing together in the twilight.  

Sun Catcher

the lumbering heart machine
behind the mellow sun down dawn
it’s not day, or anything close to day
it’s moonshine
        at waters edge
           its sandy beach tides
               salted rock patterns
follow them out to sea
or lay         lie still
toes dug unearthed
deep, warm, damp grains
with a dip    in your voice

         hushed tones
     “what do you fear most”

oh nevermind, little love
enjoy the sea-foam blue
tomorrow we’ll talk tactics
tonight’s for niceties
the fine point precision of
                      a  jagged  tongue
or jargon banter
                   slanted in my favour
tomorrow you’ll forget this
tomorrow you’ll remember
the Javex white

of a half smile
or the small rush
the wave makes


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