Week 30 of Syntax Sundays: Laura Pallen

Springtime is finally arriving, and first-time submitter Laura Pallen utilizes this environment in her poem Watering Can. The keen attention to sound brings both a pleasure to the reader as well as an eerie quality, particularly in the last stanza with its nearly singsong rhythm. Metaphors of growth and freshness spread across this piece, paralleling the shape of the stanzas, which appear to sprout upwards and reach for the title itself. The deictic terms of the poem also point the reader in different directions. We, you, I, my, your; these references allow the reader to stem off into their own interpretative process, growing with the poem and becoming a part of it.

Watering Can

It all starts from a seed
In the pit of your stomach
that sprouts,
and blooms,
and gives you
the fruitful pleasure of
knowing better.

With a little elbow grease,
rejected bruises
turn out to be juice stains
with your kindness as water,
we can wash them away.

I wish you could stay
But gardeners wander;
And my flesh is unmoved,
As they soon discover.


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