“Microscopic Cosmos”: Photo submission by Kailee Mandel

Friend of the Continuist Kailee Mandel just finished up her 3rd year in the Photography program at Ryerson University.
Kailee has shared her final project of the school year with us and we cannot even begin to explain how impressed we are with it. She created the imagery using various liquids, a petri dish, and a macro lens.
We weren’t able to embed the video component, but click here to watch it! It’ll blow your mind, we promise.
Kailee’s Artist Statement: 
“Microscopic Cosmos is a 3 part hybrid series addressing the subject matters of macro photography, abstract imagery and the science of liquids. My project consists of 3 parts, sculpture, photography and video, all of which display my images in a different way, yet work together to create harmonious piece. I have always had an interest in science and space, and wanted to incorporate the subjects into my photographic work. Through my research I came across various artists who have created art by photographing liquids which inspired me to create my own form of art from the same medium. I experimented with the interaction of various liquids until I created a mixture that was aesthetically successful.
Using the liquid creations, I created a microscopic abstract canvas, relatable visually to the aesthetics of a Galactic Cosmo. I was intrigued by creating a recognizable image of space, one of which is massive, and shrinking it down to a minute image, something that could only be seen through an extreme Macro lens.  Early on in my photography career macro photography was something that I had used often, but through my studies and change of subject matter, has become a rarity in my work, but for this project I wanted to experiment with it again. The images I have created could only be done so using macro as the lens allows the viewer to be taken into the abstract world I have created.
I have grown an interest in the moving image as well as sculpture, and through the hybridity of my project I incorporated all three elements in an interactive way, one which takes the audience on a small journey, providing three different views of the same thing. The audience is first introduced to a small petri dish filled with an example of  the liquids at life-size, allowing them to understand the extent of magnification needed to produce the images the way I wanted. Next the audience can view the still images, which I have printed on metallic gloss paper, to get a good look at the images in their macro form. Finally the audience views the images come to life, in a short video, which I filmed on a RED Scarlett. To create a dynamic image I paired the video with sound design that I compiled using found sound clips.  This project was quite an undertaking, but all in all I am proud of what I have accomplished.”

_untitled_ (1) _untitled_ (4)(1) _untitled_ (6) _untitled_ Hybrid 26(1) Hybrid 27


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